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Enhancing Cloud Infrastructures with Sanbolic® Melio 2010™


Hello everyone,

Today I’ve got some pretty cool news I’d like to share with you… Sanbolic recently became a member of the Intel Enhanced Solutions Accelerated Alliance (ESAA), a program that promotes innovative enterprise solutions comprised of advanced software and hardware technologies and powerful Intel server platforms. As a developer of industry-leading software designed to simplify, share and extend the capabilities of SAN storage, Sanbolic is proud to be a member of this prestigious alliance.

Using Sanbolic Melio 2010, a product suite comprised of various software components that enhance SAN storage, organizations are able to improve business agility, continuity and operational efficiency by leveraging the numerous benefits afforded by shared SAN storage, including:

* Enhanced application performance – multiple applications supporting concurrent instances are able to access the same pool of data through multiple data paths, processing more workloads in shorter periods of time.

* Quick and seamless infrastructure scale-out – add more servers and/or storage resources dynamically,without interrupting user productivity.

* Significantly reduced storage costs – greater utilization of storage resources.

* Simplified, centralized management of storage resources – all physical disks are virtualized at the host layer and managed from a single console that can be accessed locally or remotely.

* Improved fault-tolerance – multiple data paths provide continuous access to both metadata and application data.

* Reliable data backup and recovery – cluster-wide (volume-level) point-in-time snapshots.

Enhancing a wide range of business- and mission-critical applications such as File-Serving, Web-hosting, dynamic desktop and server provisioning, VDI, virtual datacenters and cloud infrastructures, Sanbolic Melio 2010 allows customers to achieve far greater returns on their IT investments.

For it’s initial entry in the Intel ESAA program, Sanbolic introduced the use of its Melio 2010 Datacenter edition software to create flexible, scalable, cost-efficient cloud infrastructures built on Microsoft® Hyper-V™ server virtualization and Intel® server hardware. (See figure below.)

Melio 2010 and Hyper-V

Using Melio 2010 Datacenter edition, organizations can extend the benefits of virtualization into the storage layer by delivering flexible, scalable, dynamic storage solutions that support key business applications in a native OS environment. Virtual shared storage provided by Melio 2010 allows administrators to respond rapidly to end-user demands, deliver storage persistence and increase operational efficiency, while offering full integration with Windows management tools such as Microsoft System Center to simplify solutions management.

Deploying highly scalable and highly available virtual shared storage provided by Melio 2010 in cloud infrastructures built on Microsoft Hyper-V and Intel servers allows organizations to provide the highest levels of service while realizing the greatest return on their investments in these industry-leading technologies.

As always, if you’d like to learn more about the technical details pertaining to our initial solution submitted to the Intel ESAA program or would like to see a demonstration showing how Melio 2010 greatly enhances enterprise solutions, please let me know. We would love to show you just how powerful our software really is!