Scale-out Solutions
for the Modern Data Center

  • New efficiencies and dramatic cost savings
  • Combined architecture of compute and storage
  • Extreme horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Reduced complexity, high availability

Sanbolic Platform

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Software Defined Storage

Storage-agnostic management, optimization and scale-out

Application Scale-out

Optimization and scale-out of
critical data and workloads

Sanbolic Platform

Unified management for the
21st century data center

How Sanbolic Fits
into the Next-Gen Data Center


The Sanbolic Difference


  • Host-based storage controller running on all server types
  • Centralized management across storage arrays
  • Dynamic provisioning, writable snapshots

File System

  • Symmetric lock manager patent for up to 2048 nodes
  • Concurrent access to shared data via both block & file protocols
  • Hybrid architecture converging all storage types

Application Scale-out

  • Enable load-balancing and scale-out of workloads, direct access
  • Geo-distributed for active-active everything
  • Centralized management of features, based on policies

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