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Sanbolic Melio Software Provides Storage Live Migration for Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V

Sanbolic Melio Software Provides Storage Live Migration for Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V

Storage volumes can be moved between storage arrays without application interruption

Watertown, Massachusetts – March 17, 2011 Sanbolic announced today that Melio now includes the ability to dynamically migrate storage volumes between heterogeneous storage arrays without application interruption. The new capability provides customers with the flexibility to match storage resources with changing workload requirements on Windows-based physical or virtual servers, as well as to easily migrate to new storage array hardware.

Sanbolic Melio is a flexible, dynamically assignable shared storage platform for physical and virtual Windows-based servers. Melio enables advanced storage management capability using any industry standard SAN storage hardware. Features of the Sanbolic software platform include the creation of a single, flexible storage pool from multiple SAN storage arrays, centralized volume management, and shared read-write access to data on block storage for any Windows-based server workload.  Melio enables flexible storage provisioning, high availability, and dynamic scale out of both the Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V virtual environment as well as the Windows Server applications running on it. Melio also provides server-based storage services including snapshots and mirroring for availability, and quality of service to ensure that SLAs are met when using shared virtual infrastructure.

Melio is recognized by Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager, which automatically configure a Sanbolic volume as an active-active storage resource, simplifying deployment.

“Storage Live Migration provides customers greater flexibility in how they utilize their storage assets,” said Momchil Michailov, Sanbolic CEO. “Customers can even deploy a proof of concept on internal server storage, and then migrate onto an appropriate hardware array when the application is rolled out, without any interruption to the application.”

“Sanbolic continues to develop advanced storage management functionality for Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V,” said Mike Schutz, senior director of product management at Microsoft Corp. “The new functionality in Melio provides even greater flexibility for customers already using or considering Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V to deploy virtual environments.”

Sanbolic distributes its product solutions worldwide through a network of distributors, OEMs, VARs and system integrators. Sanbolic will be exhibiting at Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas, March 21-24.  Evaluation software can be downloaded at

Sanbolic, Inc is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that provides software for managing virtual and cloud computing storage infrastructure using any industry standard SAN storage hardware. Sanbolic’s product extends the capability of Windows applications by allowing SAN storage to be easily administered, expanded and reassigned, while supporting shared data access to improve application availability and/or application scalability. Further information about Sanbolic can be found on its website