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Legacy Products

Melio delivers key enterprise storage technology and enables next generation distributed platforms to deliver unprecedented application availability and scale-out in a workload and infrastructure agnostic offering.

Our platform integrates advanced storage and application concepts, including clustered file system, volume management, virtual storage capability (SoftSAN), rapid resource provisioning, Quality of Service (QoS), and high availability layer into a workload, and infrastructure agnostic offering.

Melio Technology

Unique benefits derived from the Sanbolic Melio Platform include:

  • Multi-workload, multi-hypervisor and multi-site support for maximum flexibility
  • Increased application availability through active-active access to critical data, independent of the underlying storage hardware
  • Ability to dynamically provision volumes, data-protection levels, and QoS to ensure consistent application performance and align with user-defined policies
  • Centralized management of resources to improve utilization and reduce storage-related costs and complexity