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Attention IT Administrators: It’s Time You Had Complete Control Over Your IT Domain!

That’s right, complete control!

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Indeed for some, the word nirvana might even come to mind.

Think about it; when it comes to managing, protecting and ensuring the availability of your organization’s most critical resource – the data –  to keep business-critical applications running smoothly and productivity at full throttle, as a server, desktop, application or systems administrator, you’ve always relied on your storage team to provide the resources necessary to store the data accessed by these applications and users. And while you’ve probably been rather unhappy with this less-than-ideal arrangement, you’ve continued to operate in this constrained capacity for as long as you can remember. After all, it may have never even dawned on you there might actually be a solution that could alter this arrangement in such a way as to give you control over managing not just data, but storage and applications as well.
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